Professor Rhondda R. Thomas, Creative Inquiry team leader
Associate Professor of English
Speciality: Early African American Literature
Clemson University
Clemson, SC




Emily Boyter is a second-year student in the Master of Arts in English program at Clemson. She was born in Greenville, SC and grew up in Mexico City, Mexico. She plans to go on to a PhD in English and be a college professor. She has served as a resource to the Creative Inquiry students in their research projects. 




Edith M. Dunlap is a senior English writing and publication studies major from Chester, S.C. Her career aspirations include teaching in higher education while traveling as a lecturer and motivational speaker.




Jalia D. Kearse is a sophomore Special Education major from Orangeburg, SC. After graduation, Jalia plans on becoming a high school special education teacher. Throughout the semester, Jalia has been studying and researching the multicultural organizations that were once here on Clemson University's campus, some of which still exist.




Samuel Wilkes is a senior English major and Pan-African Studies minor from Chester, SC. Throughout the semester he has studied the history of African American musicians in Clemson, SC before desegregation. He hopes that after completing his studies at Clemson, he can go on to graduate school and eventually become a college professor. 




Rachel Miga is studying Economics and Women’s Leadership at Clemson. She grew up in Rochester, NY. Rachel plans to go into politics or social justice work after her expected graduation in 2018. 




Rachel Caldwell is a senior at Clemson University. She is majoring in biochemistry and sociology with  a minor in psychology. Her hometown is Laurens, SC. Rachel's career goals are to be a pediatric surgeon with a focus in research for diabetes and obesity. 




Cam George is a senior at Clemson University where he majors in civil engineering. His hometown is Columbia, South Carolina. 




Corinne Foster is a sophomore History major and Sustainability minor from Anderson, SC. This semester she has been researching the Cherokee town of Esseneca that existed on Clemson land prior to the 19th century. In the future, Corinne plans to work in public history as an archivist.




Crystal Rhodes is a South Carolina native currently in her junior year of Wildlife and Fisheries Biology. She hopes to continue her education in the field of conservation law. This semester her focus was on the integration of Clemson University. 




Prince Little is completing a degree Management. Her goal is to start her own business  and start a non-profit organization to empower females ranging in age from 18 to 24 to start their own businesses. She documented the first African American athletes in every varsity sport at Clemson.




Emily Gyemant is a senior English major. After graduating in May 2016, she hopes to pursue a career in book publishing as an editorial assistant. Her project for the CU Story CI was a biography of Benjamin Tillman's wife, Sallie Tillman.